Are you listening to the voices in your head?

What are they telling you?

If the voices in your head say you cannot do it, you don’t have permission, or this is not how it is done here, then please lower the volume.

Staying alert keeps you ready for surprises. It helps you respond to naysayers in your organization. You want to keep an ear to resistance of others who don’t see the bigger vision like you do, or who chooses the old way because it is comfortable. But you want to keep that volume low so it does not distract you from doing what’s right.

If the voices are telling you that work is overwhelming and complicated, that you’re starting problems you’re not ready to face, or that you’ll put yourself in positions that require a lot of courage to stand up behind, then again, lower the volume, you’re dealing with your own demons.

This is your resistance talking. It’s trying to stop you from making the leap. It’s built to make life look too scary on the other side so you don’t bother do anything about it. These voices want you to play small because it is safe. They are good to listen to only to give you the energy to power up.

If you want to turn into a professional intrapreneur, then act like one. Professionals play even when it hurts. They don’t over identify with the work, so they don’t take failure or success personally. They endure and play daily regardless, because the work is more important than to be missed.

Don’t wait for “others” to shift the system to make it better.

Without waiting for permission, what could you initiate?

Without waiting for permission, who could you organize?

What’s the soonest you could make this happen?