Do you smell something different?

Aromas are therapy for the soul. The sense of smell is a critical element in the creative environment. It directly stimulates the brain – the limbic system – that is responsible for our most primitive emotions and memories. For a constant stimulation of your brain, and your thought processes, change the smell on your desk dramatically. Don’t bring air refresher or the expected smells. Bring barks of trees, steamed herbs and teas, leather, or if you can pack the smell of a brand new car, box it! Whatever ways to transport you into a new world, instantly, even if for a brief moment.
Here are examples of best-known scents and their therapeutic benefits suggested by Jordan Ayan to free your creative spirit and find your great ideas. Smell …
Sandalwood for tranquility
Jasmine for passion and excitement
Cedarwood for relaxation
Ginger for stimulation of the mind
Citrus (rockrose) for mind expansion
Clary saje (lavender) for anti-depression

According to Cynthia Watson, M.D., a noted expert in holistic medicine, certain negative mental and emotional states can also be improved by using aromas, as follows:

Lethargy can be mended by rosemary, ylang-ylang, eucalyptus, lemon, pine
Stress can be mended by rose, tarragon, vervain
Inability to concentrate can be mended by carnation, bergamot, coriander, jasmine, lemon
Stale or toxic air can be mended by basil, peppermint, pine

Start paying attention to the different smells you encounter in your environment over the course of a week. Do they transport you mentally to any particular place or time in your life?
Take this as a good excuse to shape up your workstation and bring your nose to the high level it deserves. Scent your environment with natural flowers and fruits. Even peeling an orange or a lemon, or drinking a strongly scented tea, will give your brain an aromatic boost.

Celebrate your nose.