A group of people around a workspace, laughing and smiling. The Facilitation Forum is for mavericks who wish to help get things done; creatively, collaboratively, and efficiently at work. Being a maverick is no easy thing. JOIN THE WAITLIST
Facilitation Forum

As an intra-preneur, you’re already swimming against the current and challenging inefficiency at work. You’re planning for big-impact projects and wish to get others on board to support the vision of the company. 

  • Learn how to plan for meetings and project sessions in order to avoid the resistance-to-change expressed by your co-workers.
  • Practice with a group of highly motivated mavericks, or corporate innovators, from around the world on how to create welcoming environments and full sensory experience  
  • Become better at facilitating sessions and meetings in your physical space as well as online. 
  • Learn ideation tools, conversation starters, forensic questions, and how to stimulate a discussion that leads to the required outcome of the day.
Two women smiling and working in the background, and a post-it note activity in the foreground.
Our work isn’t dull, we live for it, we live to serve, and are energized and excited when we achieve our goals, we know that you do too. Which is why the Mavericks Facilitation Forum brings everything you need to create worthwhile and effective interactions at work, together in one full-sensory experience. Our spaces are intentionally limited, to ensure quality of service. 
A group of people engaged in a table top activity, in an outdoor workspace.
A group of people engaged in a table top activity, in an outdoor workspace.
A group of people engaged in a table top activity, in an outdoor workspace.

They apply systems thinking processes, innovation methodologies and have good conversation management skills. They get people unstuck to help them recreate processes and systems that allow projects to run effectively. 

Anyone with interest in taking their lifelong learning to the next level and become true masters of creating opportunities for others to learn has the initial requirement to become a facilitator. Being a maverick facilitator takes this level up a notch to the workplace environment. 

Become an experienced maverick facilitator. 

Organizations don’t know how to instill organizational creativity and instead they rely on individual key persons. When these problems multiply, things move slower than usual and this brings much more frustration to mavericks on board. We’ve built this training for Mavericks like you, based on years of our experience helping organizations get unstuck.

As a maverick, you know what it means to rally the troops in order to get your vision in motion. You feel loyalty to your work and your projects and care only for having a big impact on the people you wish to serve. You have a noble calling.

You’ve been a mover (doer/driven) ever since you started your career and you work through projects to get to your desired outcome with your team. What’s missing sometimes is your inability to get others unstuck as fast as you do. 

  • You might have the right energy and motivation but lack the tools or knowledge of process steps that help get things done. 
  • You might shine in facilitating meetings but lack the skill to move it online. 
  • Or it may be that this is the first time you need to move forward with a project that involves others who are different in their thinking styles, or their expertise, than you are and need to figure out how to facilitate this meeting or this project better. 

This is where the facilitator forum will help you most. 

Practice the skills, tools and knowledge from other facilitators, connect with intrapreneurs like yourself and apply it on a project at work immediately. Get the instant feedback you need to get those tools under your control. This is no ordinary course and you are no ordinary maverick. 

We’ve brought it all to you under one roof: 

  • Courses that help you understand what facilitation is. 
  • Events where you get to meet brilliant minds and connect with intrapreneurs, corporate innovators and mavericks like yourself. 
  • Books and resources of ideation and decision making tools. 
  • Psychometric assessments to help you understand your own learning and thinking style
  • Coaching programs to help motivate and build an innovative and inclusive team
  • Certified and customized programs that are applied to your job directly. 
  • Mentoring and peer-based groups that provides feedback and support on how to use certain tools or innovation processes
  • Props and facilitation kits to support your effort in getting the meeting in progress.

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