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[ December 28, 2022 ]
Metaphors are leveled up analogies

A direct analogy (like when you give an example), a personal...

[ December 21, 2022 ]
Running like a theatre

Complex systems and projects work very much like the theatre....

[ December 14, 2022 ]

Think of a problem you’re facing today. Even an hour ago. Now...

[ December 7, 2022 ]
Dare. Double Dare.

Dare. Have a toy box in your office or work space, and when...

[ November 30, 2022 ]
Brain warm-up

How often do you want to channel creativity into your daily...

[ November 23, 2022 ]
High note

Work. This one word sums up an entire orchestra of feelings...

[ November 16, 2022 ]

A blind man sat on the steps of a building with a hat by his feet...

[ November 9, 2022 ]

Walt Disney died by the time Disney World opened. The story...

[ November 2, 2022 ]
Have fun or go to work

For so long we’ve been accustomed to the idea that play is...