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[ January 12, 2022 ]

Consider these examples of creative people who’s talents were not...

[ January 5, 2022 ]
Are you ready to be creative in your workplace?

People who are labeled creative are also considered independent,...

[ December 29, 2021 ]
Creativity squelchers

Have you noticed the subtle creativity squelchers at work?...

[ December 22, 2021 ]
Cooperation or competition

Would you describe your work environment as a place that focuses...

[ December 15, 2021 ]
A sense of movement

The design of the space has much influence on our creativity...

[ December 7, 2021 ]
It is physical

We live in the physical world no matter how digital our work...

[ November 24, 2021 ]
How are you showing up?

You are the expert on your intentions. People around you only...

[ November 17, 2021 ]
Who did this?

The office is sometimes a silly place – at least it should be. A...

[ November 10, 2021 ]
A 90-year-old letter

Lately I’ve been thinking about retirement.It’s funny to have...