[ January 13, 2021 ]
Two types of ideas ..

According to “Frans Johansson” in his book “The Medici Effect”,...

[ January 6, 2021 ]
Forced marriage made creative

If by now your creativity is embedded in your way of seeing...

[ December 30, 2020 ]
Seven hats and minds

Here’s a thought experiment that will help you wear different...

[ December 23, 2020 ]
What experiences do you want to have next?

It’s easy for us to have goals and plan for them. But how many of...

[ December 16, 2020 ]
What are you counting daily?

Did you know that the first ideas you come up with on any topic...

[ December 9, 2020 ]
The status quo does not adjust unless we adjust it.

Sometimes, that’s all what’s needed: the adjusting part. We...

[ December 2, 2020 ]
What’s the song in your head?

Imagine you’re driving the car, decided to turn on the radio to a...

[ November 25, 2020 ]
Have you experienced a good facilitated session?

Alone, together. When it comes to collaborative work, give...

[ November 18, 2020 ]
Lone wolves don’t howl out loud

You are an Intrapreneur. A maverick. A corporate innovator. It...