ELI pfizer POA December 2019 (31) Our Speaker – Randah Taher, Founder of Sajory “I’m on a mission to empower the world with practical tools of creative thinking to help them solve their problems at work. My dream is to inspire every single person I meet to help them realize their creative potential at work, in any job they are in, at any level, in any industry. All you need is your curiosity, and a whole lot of imagination and play.”
(Randah Taher) Company founder smiling and looking to the side.
Who’s Speaking?
Meet Our Founder

Randah Taher is a Culture Designer and Innovation Facilitator with a playful sandbox. In it, there are methods that design cultures of innovation, creative problem-solving sessions, biomimic analogies, design thinking bootcamps, edutainment games, and creativity tools. A TEDx and keynote speaker on creative environments in organizations.

What Are We Talking About?
Our Talk Topics

Sajory offers talks on many different topics, however our predominant titles are: Facilitation Innovation, Nurturing Cultures of Innovation, and Idea Clini©.

What are the different innovation processes one can use in order to solve problems at work? From Biomimicry analogies to Design Thinking at a Systems’ level to Creative Problem Solving Methods. Experience facilitation principles and guidelines within all.
What happens behind the scenes of innovative cultures? Understand the anatomy of innovative teams and their connection with the creative space, systems and processes.
Feel the dopamine running through your body as you experience generating ideas using multiple tools and techniques in one of our multi-layered ideation sessions.
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Check out these videos of our talks. To explore more visit our Sandbox and our YouTube!

Nurturing Cultures of Innovation
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TEDxDHA: How analogies create healthy organizations
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