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IMAGINESS is a curated professional gift for your unique team or favorite clients to help them imagine happiness at work. 

As you hand in this gift with your prominent logo flashing on top and the receiver explores all the different items included, a sense of happiness and a fuse of curiosity fuels the space. 

Based on years of experience in awakening full senses for maximum engagement, we’ve handpicked items that build on each other. We have vigorously tested 7 categories that can offer a full sensory experience to amplify your thinking methods.

  • Something to taste: Ethically sourced cocoa nibs, good source of fiber, proteins, and healthy fats.  
  • Something to play with: Magnetic balls and rods, letting your hands think with you.
  • Something to see: The “Today I feel” cards helps you express your thoughts, without saying them. 
  • Something to learn from: A poem scroll by Robert Frost to ignite your creativity and sense of adventure. 
  • Something to give: Gratitude postcards to share with special colleagues. 
  • Something to feel: Handmade bags to contain all these sensory items
  • Something to smell: Dried lavender that treats your headaches and work anxiety, instantly.   

Whether you’re new to, or experienced in, innovation methodologies, you’ll find something to help inspire your next move and transform those desks into a creative space at work. 

Each bag is for DHS 200 (USD $55 / CAD $70), with a minimum of 10 bags per order. Shipping will be added separately, based on number of bags and location. Contact us today for a special quotation.

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