What’s the song in your head?

Imagine you’re driving the car, decided to turn on the radio to a new station you haven’t tried before. Suddenly, a childhood favorite song comes on.

The smile on your face.

The images of long-ago memories, oh so present.

You arrived at your destination, but your song is not over yet.

You’ll do one of the following:

1          Stay in the car. listen till the end. Smile ear to ear.

2          Continue to drive in circles. You’ll find parking on the other side. This moment is yours.

3          Record a note to self: download the song, find that old album. 

4          Get out of the car and hum the song for the rest of the day.

And the smile doesn’t leave your face for a while.

What if you realized that this happy serendipity moment can be designed and replicated?

How can you delight in small things? Make joy part of life rather than an outcome to reach at the end of the day or year?

What would your elementary and high school friends suggest you do for fun? (forget about the adults, their options are boring)

Listen to your inner child. The wisest of them all.



p.s. I’m curious, which option did you pick from the four above? What else would you do to keep that memory-filled song in your head just a little longer?