Have you experienced a good facilitated session?

Alone, together. When it comes to collaborative work, give facilitation a chance.

Different from training or teaching others, when you facilitate, you’re in charge of directing the show, telling your artists and your actors what to do when and how, yet your people will come with the knowledge of the content itself. The script they tell, the stories they act, the knowledge they share. You don’t teach them that. You simply have them experience the process you designed for them and direct the show.

When you facilitate a problem solving session, you might use a tool to solve an immediate and specific need, or exercise a method to create a robust solution. You do not necessarily provide the information on the topic, unless it’s part of the method, and you are not held accountable for the skills your team bring into the game. You focus on the overall picture, they must take care of the details: the ideas, the solutions, the resources provided, the members involved.

In this scenario, you design the map, hold the compass, follow the guiding stars and let the audience pay attention to the howling wolves at night.

Imagine the possibilities, what would you do differently and how can you do it “alone together”?