Paying attention

Who sees the human face correctly:

the photographer,

the mirror,

or the painter?

~ Pablo Picasso

We look into the mirror and assume what we see is exactly what it is. We sometimes forget that the mirror shows us the opposite of ourselves. If we touch our right ear, our mirror person touches its left. We no longer remember this detail since it’s part of our daily habits.  

Evidently, we spend most of our time in familiar places that no longer wow us. We take our surroundings for granted and we stop paying attention.

In his book “The art of noticing”, Rob Walker emphasizes that making a habit of noticing, helps cultivate an original perspective and distinct point of view. It helps practice our curiosity and embrace the thrill of discovering things on our own, and subsequently enjoy learning and growing. Also known as “joyous exploration”.

To do that, set your intention to notice something new everyday.

Stop signs.

Plants or weeds on the road and in between cracks.

Unique colors you notice on your daily walks

Stray traffic cones.

Cell phone towers or security cameras.

Your partner, children or friend’s smile in the morning.

There’s no aim other than the practice of paying attention to what you see. Your mind will start pulling in new source of inspiration for you to lean on in moments of desperate need for creativity.

Stay curious,