What are you afraid of?

When you ask colleagues at work what do they fear the most, it’s not usually financial loss or wasted lifetime.
The fear that most employees share is the risk to their pride, status, and what others think of them if they fail at a task.
This fear has stopped so many great ideas from being shipped into the world and stopped a lot of people from speaking up in meetings.
They worry, “What if they were ridiculed?”, “ What if it doesn’t work?”
The questions needed here are,
“What if it works?”
“So what if others don’t agree?”
“How is that really affecting me?”
“What if I never get this chance again?”

Being afraid is not the problem. It’s a protection mechanism. It helps you stay alert.
Being stopped by this fear is the problem. It holds you back and questions your intuition. It will take a lot of courage for you to get out of your comfort zone and test a risky idea.

But it is oh-so-worth-it!