How do you capture those ideas that come into your head?

Out of nowhere, we’re hit by the best solution for a problem we’ve been wondering about for so long.

We get super excited and promise ourselves to write it down as soon as we get home,

or as soon as we finish lunch,

or as soon as we wash our faces.

Next thing you know, the idea evaporated.

We cannot recall even the slightest connection to it. There’s nothing left to remember. We just know that it solved our problem and it was perfect.

The timing is never right.

They say ideas come in the 3Bs: Bus, Bed, and Bath.

Those are the places where best ideas hit.

The bus because you’re in a diffused state of mind, the bed because dreams are powerfully wise, and the bath, well, because that’s where singing is interrupted by great ideas.

Keep a pen and pencil near you at all times. Or have your record button ready on the first page of your mobile phone.

Whatever you do, find a way to document those unexpected ideas.

They will not be accessible anytime later.

The muse doesn’t usually come on command.