Lone wolves don’t howl out loud

You are an Intrapreneur. A maverick. A corporate innovator.

It feels sometimes that you’re a lone wolf.

You see things differently. There are always possibilities. You swim against the stream. There seems to be a lot of inefficiency. You wish your superiors will simplify things and consider a new point of view.

It feels sometimes you’re a misfit. Yet somehow you are connected to others and have a reputation of getting things done, even if in your own unique way. That gives you a chance of being heard. You have some proof to vouch for your creative ideas.

Sometimes you get stuck with others not understanding your solution or getting on board with it. Sometimes you can’t seem to move the discussion beyond the “we don’t have a budget” and the “this is now how we do it here” broken records.

You wonder if you’re singing a lonely song or you still cannot find your pack.

I hear you. And truly understand your situation. I’m here to listen to stories if you wish to share. You can stay anonymous and find a cool nickname to use. An animal, a plant or an object of your choice.

By sharing your story with others, you’ll be able to connect with other mavericks, and see how new versions of the same stories have sold its dilemmas.

The destination to your happy place is out there, you can reach and celebrate with like-minded mavericks, if you’ll howl a bit louder today.

Tell me what’s on your mind. I’m listening.