On capturing ideas …

What if the method you document ideas with, is not be the best way for you.

Just because you learned in school and throughout your life how to take good notes does not mean that notetaking is the best option for you.

How do you know if you haven’t tried any other option?

Maybe transcribing our thoughts in “words” limits us rather than helps us explore.

Maybe sketching a concept is a better way of capturing the essence of the idea. We blame not knowing how to sketch but that’s just an excuse we come up with. Sometimes ideas come in the shape of a found object (an anchor), a handmade object (of clay), a unique smell, a colorful diagram, or maybe a metaphor that finds its way in a poem or even a haiku.

Our minds don’t work linear like many of our words do. They are multi-faceted and very sensory driven.

Experiment the many available formats, then find your way of capturing that magic your mind is presenting you every day.