End your day on a high note

Tracking our progress is the single largest day-to-day motivator on the job, says Daniel Pink in “When: the scientific secrets of perfect timing”.
The problem is we don’t do it often. That’s because we rush out of work as soon as the clock hits or we hit submit on our project and flee. Never taking the time to properly “cool-down”. These days it’s more likely we either don’t have a boundary between work and home or we’re multitasking our way till bedtime.
Instead of fleeing from work or squishing this closing ritual out of our day, we’re better off reserving the final five minutes of work for a few small deliberate actions that bring the day to a fulfilling close.

For 2 minutes, write down what you accomplished since morning. For another 2 minutes, make a general plan for the following day. This will help you close the door on today and energize you for tomorrow.
Write it your way: as a cartoon sketch, 3-items-a-day icons, a song recorded on voice note, or any other way that helps you enjoy this task as much as anything else. Something to look forward to.
The last minute is one of gratitude. Send at least one person who was part of your today’s accomplishments a thank you note for being there.

For today,
Thank you for reading this diary post and being part of my thought-sharing family for the past weeks and months.

Randah xoxox