Forced marriage made creative

If by now your creativity is embedded in your way of seeing things, perhaps you’re ready to step up your game and start blending ideas from different, unrelated disciplines to help morph the into new creatures.

Call it forced marriage of ideas if you have to. 

Step into the intersection of in-between fields.

Break down associative barriers.

Experience how the number of idea combinations increases beyond any single area.

The explosion of concepts at the intersection is what makes it possible for innovators to produce so many remarkable ideas. It gives an incredible advantage to be literally and figuratively at the edge of things.

The next time you’re about to learn from an example, do a benchmark, or try to re-think a process, find the best in the world from as far an industry as the one you’re dealing with. Learn their context and how they thought through the challenge. Then force a connection between what they experienced and what you have. An idea explosion awaits.

You just stepped into the innovation intersection.

Welcome to 2021.