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As an intra-preneur, you’re already swimming against the current and challenging inefficiency at work. You’re planning for big-impact projects and wish to get others on board to support the vision of the company.

You’ve come to realize that an organization’s culture is the basis for getting work done. A culture of innovation is hard to notice and much harder to nurture at will. When trust, idea stagnation and creative inertia multiply, things move slower than usual and this brings much more frustration to people on board. Especially for creative minds such as yours.

As a maverick you are one of the invisible souls of the organization. You find ways to bring forth unique ideas inside slow mammoth entities. You apply systems thinking processes, innovation methodologies and have good conversation skills. You can also recreate systems that allow projects to run effectively. You are loyal to being excellent at what you do. 

Yet you don’t miss what’s most important of all, you care deeply about the people you work with and those you wish to serve. You have a noble calling that is the reason for you getting up happily in the morning: you get people unstuck.

Based on our combined decades of experience helping people and organizations get unstuck, we know what it means to have a big dream and try to bring others on board creatively, collaboratively, and with integrity.    

If you are interested in taking your lifelong learning to the next level and become a true master of creating opportunities for others to learn, you have what it takes to become a facilitator. Being an innovation master facilitator takes this level up a notch to the workplace environment.


Peek into the experienced facilitation secrets


  • Learn how to plan facilitated sessions and create welcoming environments for effective decision making both digitally and face-to-face.
  • Practice with a group of highly motivated mavericks and corporate innovators from around the world.
  • Become better at digital problem-solving facilitation as well as in-person process-oriented sessions.
  • Learn ideation tools, conversation starters, forensic questions, and how to stimulate a discussion that leads to the required outcome of the day. 
  • Understand people’s thinking styles and energies as you solve long-lasting and complex problems together.

Our spaces are intentionally limited, to ensure quality of service.

Don’t wait too long to make that leap forward. You know you deserve this.

  • If you are heading a team, can commit a 5-week intensive learning, and want to go deep and strong while solving a tangled problem at work, be part of our intensive Mavericks Facilitation Forum.
  • If you would like to learn more about your own thinking preference, how to have an innovative team, and get pro tips on digital facilitation, either by yourself or along with your entire team, join our 3-hour Maverick’s Masterclass.

Either way, you’ll become an immediate and valued member of our maverick’s community.

This is an intervention

The Mavericks Facilitation Forum is a life-long learning opportunity that transforms a team into a collaborative entity using skills of an inside facilitator. We provide a supportive and stimulating experience delivered through facilitated sessions, online forums, project-based practice, and creative toolset for work environments.

Own your awesomeness. The new you

You go into the program hungry for self-realization and to learn how to influence teams into following a process of innovation to better the organization’s culture you are in.

You get out of the program with a new sense of identity of your own thinking preferences, an established criteria for innovative teams, connections with like-minded mavericks, and a strong skill set of creative tools and methods that you can apply to your job instantly.

Planned growth spurt as innovation facilitator 

Five weeks of a learn-apply-reflect pattern.We work from where you are and take you to the next level of mastering innovation facilitation techniques. Solve problems, realize opportunities, practice creativity, and bring people together. This is the future of high-impact projects that solve problems for real people.

A ripple effect waiting to happen

Components of The Mavericks Facilitation Forum include:

Project based learning

These are ‘you snooze, you loose’ set of skills. For learning to be grounded, you will translate theories and discussions into practice and change actions. You’ll facilitate solving a problem of your choice at work during the forum’s timeline.  


Getting stuck occurs after experimentation and stretching our minds to new realities. Our 1:1 coaching will take place after you’ve facilitated at least one session using the tools you just learned to help you unlock the next phase in your project.  


Integrated in the whole experience, the ‘Theory of Change’ helps us assess ourselves and our group learning. You’ll get a chance to have an immediate effect on the progress of the program as you conduct weekly evaluation and end-of-event analysis.

Five Facilitated Modules


Five highly interactive synchronous modules organized to take you from regular meeting-facilitator to an extraordinary problem-solving facilitator. Any industry. Any level. Guaranteed. Every week we have a topic, a challenge and an assignment to conduct at work over the remaining four days of the week.

Topics include
  • Thinking profile and the anatomy of innovative teams. Plus some pro tops on digital facilitation.  (The first module is open for attendees of the Mavericks Masterclass)
  • Divergent thinking and ideation tools: fluency, flexibility, elaboration and originality.
  • Convergent thinking and decision making tools: envision and evaluate.
  • Innovation methodologies. What are the differences between Design Thinking, Creative Problem Solving, BioMimicry and Service Design? When to use which?
  • Session preparation, transitions, bringing people and projects together and ending on a high note.  
Project report

At the end of the Forum and after you’ve applied your learning to a work-related project, we will follow up with your progress through the one-on-one coaching session and hand you a report that includes all the tools you’ve learned, the progress you’ve made and the feedback you’ve received in sessions. The report will also include your certificate.


A growing community

People like us do things like this. As you join our slack community and attend any of our bi-weekly happy hours, you’ll find the most value comes from other mavericks working in different fields and applying the same tools and methods in different contexts. This is where the asynchronous magic happens in between the lines. 

Your learning grows exponentially.

A group of people engaged in a table top activity, in an outdoor workspace.
A group of people engaged in a table top activity, in an outdoor workspace.
A group of people engaged in a table top activity, in an outdoor workspace.
The value of leveling up
Invest in your own innovation officer and in-house facilitator and be part of a growing network of mavericks. You no longer need to rely on outside professionals who require more briefing time than what you can afford. 
For USD $5,000, invest in your culture of innovation. Reap the benefits immediately and for years to come, as you grow your internal capacity that is fully aware of your unique contexts and challenges.


Get in touch
  • What do you know about your creative leadership?
  • How many times have you had the chance to facilitate a magical interaction?

One that left the people in the room thinking “I can do this!” This masterclass is made to give you a deep dive into thinking preferences, understanding the high level process of solving a problem and learn how to professionally facilitate online sessions.  

Prior to the event, you complete a psychometric scientific assessment. Once together, we will debrief the results of your FourSight Thinking Profile . This will not only help you understand your creative superpowers when it comes to solving problems, it will clarify where your energies balance, or don’t, what are your creative blind spots, and how can you work together collaboratively and better lead the process of their discovery.

Digital facilitators on the rise
Join other mavericks and learn basic digital facilitation tools and tips to design meaningful conversations that lead you to ideas that can be shared collectively or decisions that can be made jointly. The 3-hour duration and USD $150 you're putting into this Mavericks Masterclass will be one of the best investments you gift yourself this year. We’re here to support you on your journey to become a competent, creative, and experienced facilitator you’re meant to be.
Once you’re in, you cannot get out. Unless you ask for it
People like us do things like this. As you join our slack community and attend any of our bi-weekly happy hours, you’ll find the most value comes from other mavericks working in different fields and applying the same tools and methods in different contexts. Your learning grows exponentially. Our spaces are intentionally limited, to ensure quality of service.

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