What experiences do you want to have next?

It’s easy for us to have goals and plan for them. But how many of your goals are experience-based?

Same process applies.

Start with the end in mind.

Visualize objects, concepts, systems, groups and processes as you plan your next successful creative achievement. Ensure richness of imagery you create; varied, strong, vivid, lively and intense images that help you feel your successful future now, experiencing what you hope to feel then. Create a picture that brings your full senses into action. Illustrate in front of you as your hand coordinates with your mind and your third eye vision.

Scribe or draw it. Play around with colored pens to highlight connections of the parts, or even use different types of markers to emphasize importance. See what speaks to you the loudest.

When you have decided on the direction you’re moving towards, figure out the experiences you wish to engage with.

What roads do you take? Are you hiking or sailing? Do you prefer to travel alone and fast or with others and far? Do you collect things or you connect them instead?

These are your experience decision principles. You consult them every time you’re faced with conflicting signs for roads ahead.

There are no good or bad choices. Only good or bad for you.

That’s why many people miss out on happiness and waste their energy choosing the roads without much planning. To avoid this, align your intentions with your compass, write them down in a journal and then embrace your experiences will full heart and mind.

To happiness and beyond,