What are you counting daily?

Did you know that the first ideas you come up with on any topic are usually the most common among those working steps away from you?

It is no surprise that when you sit together to think of a solution, you’ll usually come up with very similar ideas or small detours to previous ones.

Nothing original.

You’re swimming in the same murky pond every time.

When you force your brain to connect new ideas, build on the previous ones, change its point of view, you start to see new things. The way to keep this muscle is have a daily dosage of idea quota so that your brain learn to extend its boundaries and look beyond the obvious. Not only it will surpass the regular ideas suggested by everyone else, it will find new ways of seeing things.  

To expand your horizons, try practicing ideation on a daily basis until you become mentally fit. So fit that you’d go from zero to sixty ideas in only 5 minutes.

How many ideas did you think of today? Start counting.