There’s no such thing as an idea block

“People don’t get talker’s block, walker’s block, plumber’s block… There’s no such thing as a writer’s block”. Those were Seth Godin’s words in one of his prompts in Akimbo’s Creative’s Workshop.

If we write daily, he suggests, regardless of the muse arriving or not, sooner or later our subconscious will help us write something that is really good. You simply do the work of writing and let the practice sort out the details.

Same advice goes to generating ideas at work.

To summon the muse, on demand, you will need to get into the habit of ideating constantly. Finding the tools or the best way that fits you is important to take your brain into this uncomfortable, yet highly creative level of producing robust ideas for challenges you’re facing daily.

People are held back by the fear of being blocked, of not moving on, or looking indecisive. When the reality is, they block themselves. 

If you accept the first ideas that come to your mind because you are focused on getting results quickly, or you can’t think of anything better, instead of producing good and imaginative solutions, then you’re building your own idea block.

This block will ensure your creative ideas don’t visit you easily the next time you want them.

And so, the cycle continues. It’s a man-made illness caused by our lazy brains and our high dependency on the muse. It doesn’t have any power over you. You are in control of your mind and the ideas it makes.  

Practice on producing more ideas than what you show the world. Don’t settle for mediocre ideas.

Here’s to breaking your idea-block barriers,


p.s. What’s your idea quota per challenge and how do you go about generating them?