Staying Positive

I faced a life-changing situation in the past 2 months that demanded new ways of seeing the world.

In recovering, I had to reflect on ways to stay positive and grounded. I’m sharing this list with you in case you needed a gentle reminder to take care of yourself while taking care of business.

When I felt like I couldn’t function anymore,

  • I surround myself with positive people and limited my access to negative ones. This has made a big shift. I gave no chance to naysayers and I opened no doors to the judgmental type.
  • I tried to indulge in small things. I gave myself permission to nap when needed and take extended coffee/tea breaks to think.  
  • I don’t eat on the go or walk/drive while grabbing a snack. I sit down and enjoy the meal. Preferably with family.
  • When I had no access to my brain, I took the time off entirely. Asking for an extended deadline or cancelling an event altogether was better than providing mediocre results that would affect my professional reputation in the long run.  
  • I used music to create energy in different ways. Louder and faster rhythms help get started with a job. Slow, classical or instruments music help with completing complex focused tasks.
  • Being more spiritual comes in different ways; prayers, meditation, or stillness to reflect. It clears the clutter in the mind and reminds me of what’s important in the now.
  • I reminded myself that grief comes in so many faces. Sometimes it’s recovering from a loss of life, other times it’s feeling hurt, wronged, or the ending of a relationship. “Moving with”, rather than “moving on”, might be the fastest way to find meaning again.

These are a few of my favorite things.

I’m curious to learn your ways of enjoying daily positivity  

~ Imagine happiness,


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