It is physical

We live in the physical world no matter how digital our work is.
They tried so hard but we still have to eat food physically, sit on a physical chair, and scratch our head with our hand when thinking.

Thinking remains physical.
It requires the space that immediately surrounds our head to help us focus, imagine, debate, wonder, and connect the dots.

What if you designed your workspace to help you do just that?

Depending on the type of work you do, amplify your senses in the space. Let the music work for you: slow and classic if u need to focus and draw details, loud and fast if you need to imagine and dream big. Lavender smell to help relax the team, lemon to boost alertness and increase energy.

Document the progress of work physically: with imagines that moves along the process, textures to take you from rough drafts to smooth finals, and prototypes that clarifies the progress you’re making. Let those artefacts create the conversation with others. Let them describe how the idea is developing and progressing, so that when people want to comment and modify, they do so to an object, and not to the owner of the idea.

If your progress is physically aligned with your thought process, this will make it easier to re-visit, schedule, and follow up on concepts and activities instantly. Let the room work for you, and not you for her.