How do you save money?

A year ago, on a day very much like this day (yet feels a decade away), I wrote in this diary.

I asked, what if you designed your ideation exercise according to your money saving mentality?

I had plenty of responses, some of you were curious on how to do it, others enjoyed the insight they received and some didn’t see it relevant at all.
So here it is again, with some further clarification.
Let me know if it clicks this time, or not. Feedback is always the best way to develop ideas.

How do you save money?

Do you have a certain percentage of your salary put aside? Or do you have a fixed amount that you save regularly? (assuming ofcourse you’re in the habit of saving money and not spending it on every smoothy combination you can think of)
If you want to increase your idea fluency and reduce your decision fatigue at the same time, make a connection between both.
Use the same system you have for increasing your savings account to increasing the number of ideas you produce per challenge.

For example,
You either put aside 10% of your income to be saved every month or you add $50 a-week that goes in automatically. Let’s say at work, you have one week to sort out a pressing challenge. Either dedicate 10% of your time (half-a-day in a full time job) just for generating ideas, or you don’t stop until you get 50 unique ones. Every single week.

Once you stop deciding that it’s worth your time and simply follow your process, your brain will start compounding ideas regularly and automatically. You’ll end up feeling rich and highly trusting your creative muse.

Invest early. Save regularly. For both money and ideas.
Happiness multiplied,