Creative Senses …

In the Netherlands, there is a type of therapy, called Snoezelen, that is used to treat developmental disabilities, brain injury, and dementia. The name is a combination of two Dutch words, snuffelen (to sniff) and doezelen (to doze). The practice tries to create multisensory environments that leads patients towards sensations that feel good to them.
Those therapeutic rooms are full of color, bold patterns, holograms and light displays, music, as well as fruity aromas such as orange and strawberries.

There’s something to be said about invigorating our senses to treat extreme cases of mental health, but why do we leave those feeling-good moments to the extreme cases only? Why not bring those sense alive when we are enjoying a relatively more stable mental health? (more or less, these days).

While I’m not here to offer you a Snoezelen therapy session – not yet 😉 – I’d love to give you a taste of what it feels like to involve your senses at work. And by senses, I go beyond the 5 traditional ones.
Recently, I spoke with seven mavericks working in global organizations, and asked them few questions about remaining curious, staying motivated and solving problems creatively. I put together an exciting and informative Creative Senses Challenge for you. One sense a day, a 20-minute conversation, and a sense challenge to test yourself.
Seven days in total and free for life. Find out more on the Creative Senses Challenge.

See you on the other side,
Randah Taher