Come to my rehearsal.

I truly value the rehearsals way more than the performance of a show.

I feel the rehearsals are made for us, by us. 

We get into the element of “flow” as raw as it gets. 

We focus on being fully present: on elevating our skills to the next level.

We try to find the connection between us.

We build bridges fast.

It’s about out-performing ourselves. 

The final show is for a paid or unpaid audience. We merely showcase the result of our fascination with the whole experience we created backstage. We become externally motivated to please them, to give them a simple lick of the amazing cake we devoured while rehearsing. 

They missed the whole show already. 

So, keep on improving your skills as you work. Approach any activity as a game and it becomes more diverting, just like a rehearsal. Experiment with different approaches, increase the challenge or play with sequence with others.

There’s magic in the rehearsals.

Can you feel it?   

~ Randah