Are you swimming with other whales? 🐋

A whale is a mammal in the sea. 

Surrounded with water, yet need air to breath. 

Often misunderstood. 

Talk about not fitting in with other fish.

Whales are unique, graceful and mysterious; they nurture, form friendships, innovate, grieve, play, sing and cooperate with one another.

Just like mavericks in an organization. 

A maverick is another employee or manager. 

Another number added to the sea of numbers. 

Yet they are not like other fish. 

They need air to breath. They need space to innovate. They need time to shift systems in a way that makes it work better. 

Mavericks are beautiful, elegant and strong. They stand in face of adversity. 

They become stubborn when a problem requires their attention, they put their full heart behind solving it for the sake of others and the mission of the organization. Sometimes they step on people’s toes to get it done. Sometimes they challenge the status quo. They are often misunderstood for being a misfit, a trouble-maker or someone who doesn’t’ breath the same way as other swimmers. 

Mavericks found their power of being comfortable as a minority of one. 

Can you hear them singing? 

~ Randah 

P.S. Our digital Mavericks Facilitation Forum will be announced soon. Stay tuned