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“IMAGINESS by Sajory” is designed to make your neuro-synapses go wild!”

Three times a year, you receive a curated professional facilitation session in a box for your innovation strategy planning meetings.

Each IMAGINESS box includes facilitation guides and is packed with divergent & convergent tools, office toys, and items specifically designed to fuel creativity. The unboxing of IMAGINESS is a welcoming invitation to engage the team, foster a playful and innovative mindset, and develop stronger team relations.

As everyone explores the IMAGINESS tools and props, the team transforms into a magnet for creative inspiration.  Your original ideas are a clear result of the creative process we carefully packaged. Whatever your project or industry, innovation is yours.

The IMAGINESS Box Bundles give you the freedom to embed innovation to the core of your team’s culture by generating a creative strategy playbook intentionally at least 3 times a year.

This is an invitation for your team to creatively think inside the box, for a change.

Depending on which bundle you chose, the choice will help you transform your team, and the culture it lives in, to become a truly innovative experience.

Whether you’re new to, or experienced in, innovation methodologies, you’ll find something to help you plan and nurture a creative system at work. Each box (serving at least 4 team members) is designed to follow the basic creative process method of diverge and converge for a single challenge, opportunity, or project that requires some serious creative muscle flexing.

Based on years of experience in awakening full senses for maximum engagement, we’ve handpicked items for each box that build on each other. We have vigorously tested 7 categories that can offer a full sensory experience to amplify your thinking methods.

  • Things to taste: unique blend of herbs or chai, organic cookies, granola bars and other healthy options for your snack drawer
  • Things to play with: desk toys, card game for ideation meeting, puzzles, funky stationery
  • Things to see: an inspiring image, a poster for the wall, a framed quote for the desk.
  • Things to learn from: divergent and convergent tools, group decision making methods for the team, books to inspire.
  • Things to give: Thank you postcards, special items to share around the office. 
  • Things to feel: unique textures, carved items, notebooks, playdough for those stressful meetings
  • Things to smell: desk diffusers, herbs, distinctive smells uncommon in office settings (do you smell a “tree” in here?)  

The surprise element of what comes in the box is part of its successful experience.

You order the bundle once, and it arrives 3 times a year, each with different items and themes to tinker with, and on time for your next innovation strategy meeting. Choose your bundle based on the level of support your team requires. This can be anything from getting instructions to run the session on your own, to having a psychometric assessment and a debrief from a certified facilitator for your team, to progressing with additional hands-on, result-oriented guidance and group masterminds on transforming culture and facilitating creativity into work.


OFFERSCreative Jump StartInnovative Teams DebriefFacilitated Culture Transformation
WHAT’S INCLUDEDMaterials and instructions for 3 boxes (once every 4 months) for a team of 4.
The creative process session (diverge & converge) is facilitated by you.
You will have access to videos explaining tools
“Creative Jump Start”


Four (4)* psychometric assessments on thinking preferences (FourSight) and a debrief by certified facilitator
(assessments + 2-hour session)
Same as “Innovative Teams Debrief”


Three mastermind sessions (90 minutes each) to guide your year-long transformational culture
(USD $715 /| CAD $950)
Shipping (3 packs) included.
DHS 3,480
(USD $955 /| CAD $1,270)
Shipping (3 packs) included.
DHS 8,480
(USD $2,315 /| CAD $3,100)
Shipping (3 packs) included.
ADDED VALUEAccess to video tips and add-on exercise ideas for each innovation strategic planning workshop lead by you.Access to video tips and creative tools inside each box to complement and enhance understanding of your team’s thinking preferences.
A complementary debrief session (valued at DHS 7,300 (USD $ 2000 / CAD $2,680) explaining the results of team’s profiles
*Additional assessments for USD $65 each
Video tips and IMAGINESS creative tools, supported by team’s understanding of their FourSight profiles to be followed by 3* facilitated sessions, scheduled at your own time throughout the year, to support your innovative culture transformation.

*Mastermind sessions on their own are valued at DHS 2500 each (US $680 | CAD $912)
RESULTSGet started on a new path to facilitating organizational creativity with your team. Enhance and structure regular innovation strategy planning sessions.Have a better understanding of what makes an innovative team excel. Change the way you work together, generate ideas, and make decisions to build on each other’s creative strengths. Expert guidance for your team on how to use creativity every day to transform specific projects of your choice, within your steadily improving innovative culture.


A simplified version of IMAGINESS curated for you to scale.

Here’s your chance to order a co-branded gift bag for your VIP clients, key partners, or extraordinary employees. This gift bag prominently features your company’s logo and has similar categories as the IMAGINESS bundles to excite your senses.

  • Something to taste: Ethically sourced cocoa nibs, good source of fiber, proteins, and healthy fats.  
  • Something to play with: Magnetic balls and rods, letting your hands think with you.
  • Something to see: The “Today I feel” cards helps you express your thoughts, without saying them.. 
  • Something to learn from: A poem scroll by Robert Frost to ignite your creativity and sense of adventure. 
  • Something to give: Gratitude postcards to share with special colleagues. 
  • Something to feel: Handmade bags to contain all these sensory items
  • Something to smell: Dried lavender that treats your headaches and work anxiety, instantly.   


Each bag is for DHS 200 (USD $55 / CAD $70), with a minimum of 10 bags per order. Shipping will be added separately, based on number of bags and location. Contact us today for a quotation.



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